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    Virtual AI agent for Retail

    The automated agent understands speech via phone of the caller and responds back appropriately.

    For example:
    Agent: Hi Trevor, thank you for reaching us. How may I help you today?
    Trevor: Hey there, when should my last order arrive?
    Agent: You last ordered an iPhone X, it should arrive tomorrow.

    Completely automated, live 24/7.

    How do we know who called?

    Your registered users have phone numbers and order information, which we use to quickly identify who this person is.

    Dashboard with stats

    All calls are listed and available in your Shopify dashboard.

    Now you can see:

    • What has the caller asked
    • Who has called
    • How the call went
    • Listen to the call recording

    What’s most important for you to see? Please let us know!

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